London Perl Workshop 2017 - Report

I attended LPW 2017 on Saturday, 25th Nov 2017 at University of Westminster. It was such a great experience. I must admit, it was the best ever I attended so far. So all credit goes to the organizers and sponsors.

This time, I was prepared to give my second talk at London Perl Workshop. The topic of my talk was "Create tube map in 20 minutes using Map::Tube". I was scheduled to give the talk at 10:00AM. However the speaker of the talk just prior to my talk didn't turn up on time for some reason, I was then asked by Sawyer, if I am willing to give my talk earlier than the scheduled time. I said Yes without any hesitation. The only concern I had was about those who shown interest in my talk in advance are going to miss it.

For those who missed my talk, please download the slides here.

Any way, I gave my talk without any trouble. There were about 30 peoples in the room. In the end, I threw mini quiz sessions and we had two winners. I didn't get the chance to ask the name of the winners. I do remember one of the winner was wearing WCN t-shirt. I also gave gift of token to one lady sitting in the front row, again didn't ask her name.

As per the plan, there was a mini challenge for the attendees to create a new map by the end of the workshop. Guess what, we did have a winner, Errietta Kostala, who created the
map of Athens Metro. I had an email today from her asking questions how to represent station with multi-lines. She confessed that she liked the gift. The map is now on CPAN.

During the break, I got the opportunities to speak to the sponsors Eligo, CVLibrary and
PerlCareers. I even received free gift Fidget Spinner by CVLibrary. I even got PowerBank
by Adzuna. I received some very useful reading materials by PerlCareers. I even met Lance Wicks from CVLibrary, who created Scientist, we even had brief discussion about it.

Icing on the top, I received gift of book "Think Perl 6" and words of appreciation by Neil Bowers for my contributions as PullRequest in the the last 3 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped me in this journey.

In the end, Thank you to the sponsors, without which the London Perl Workshop would
not be possible: Eligo, Perl Careers, CV-Library, WCN, Adzuna, Bytemark, OpusVL,, SureVoIP, Magnum Solutions, Perl 6, Geekuni, University of Westminster,
Cogendo, Science Photo Library, The Enlightened Perl Organisation, Evozon, O'Reilly.

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