What are you doing on 25th Nov 2017?

Why am I asking this? If you are not aware then I must tell you the much awaited London Perl Workshop is happening next Saturday, 25th Nov 2017. I am looking forward to the event. There are plenty of interesting talks arranged this time. Take a look at the list of talks. If you are planning to attend any particular talk, please register your interest as well. This will help the organiser in scheduling it.

There is one more reason I am excited about the event. I am giving my second talk at London Perl Workshop this year. I feel humbled to see so many people showing interest in my talk. The topic of my talk is "Create tube map in 20 minutes using Map::Tube". I will be taking the audience through various steps in creating a tube map. I promise at the end of talk, everyone in audience would be able create their own little map in no time.

To make the talk even more interesting, I am planning to throw a mini challenge to the audience to create new map (basic) and release it to CPAN by the end of event. The first person doing so would receive a gift on the day. I have made the challenge little easier considering they will be busy attending other talks, So here are some proposed map data that can be used.

To help you packaging your new map, I have even created a template that you are free to use, just update the author details.

Looking forward to the event.

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