Year 2017 - Annual Report

Looking back year 2017 brought many sweet moments, both at professional and personal front. On personal front, I have been blessed with twin girls, Aabia & Aania. Raising twins without family support is not easy for me and my wife. I am told to be prepared for more surprises.

On professional front, there have been many positives to talk about. First I completed third consecutive years of CPAN PullRequest Challenge without missing a single month. I hope to carry on with the same spirit in the year 2018.

Took part in Hacktoberfest challenge, third consecutive years, and submitted 40 PR. Recently received the specially designed T-shirt, Thanks Digital Ocean.

I also completed 24PullRequest, again third consecutive years, and submitted 34 PR.

On the same line, submitting PR, I planned to do at least 1 PR each day on average most of the months in the year. Before year 2017, I was able to do that in 3 months at the most (in the year 2015).

Fortunately in the year 2017, I managed to repeat it in 6 months. I am hoping to beat this record in the year 2018.

There was another special moment for me, when I presented my second talk at LPW 2017. This time, I was assigned to help other speakers with time management as well. It was fun doing it. Last but not the least, I attended London Perl Mongers meet for the
first time, just before the LPW 2017 event. I liked the talk and atmosphere. I will probably attend more in the year 2018.

Couple of other projects I started in the year 2017 but couldn't finish it. So I will continue working on these:
1) Play with D3 creating interactive world map.
2) CPAN distribution timeline.

Happy New Year

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