London Perl Monger - Tech Meet #1

Last Thursday, I attended the London Perl Mongers Tech Meet at the Zoopla. This was my second time attending tech meet. I must say this was better than the previous meet, in many ways. First there were more people this time than compare to the last one, I attended. Second, this time talk was more Perl-ish. And last but not the least, plenty of food and drinks, thanks to all the sponsors.

Now lets talk about the meet itself. The first talk "Perl6 Signatures" was by Simon Proctor. It was interesting and precise. Nice slides with examples. The second talk "Line of Succession" was by Dave Cross. As expected, it was full of fun and facts. Sometimes I wonder how he manages the audience. Then there was another talk "Test using DB" by Julien. I met Julien for the first time. Surprisingly he is also going to German Perl Workshop next month. Regarding the talk, I wish it was done with Dancer2. I couldn't follow it entirely because of my lack of Mojo background. Overall it was very useful. The last talk that I would like to mention was by Mike about TDD. You would think TDD is done millions of time, so what else can be talk about. I would suggest you should get hold of the slides for the talk. It was presented in such a way you wouldn't feel anything repetitive.

During the break, I got to meet Aaron Crane, with whom I interacted through my PullRequest work. By chance, I also got to say "hello" to Ilmari. It was pleasure meeting him. I also met some known faces from the last meet, e.g. Errieta, Shrivats. I also met a guy from CVLibrary, I forgot his name. I was hoping to see Lance but he was missing.

I have made up my mind now that I won't miss Tech Meet anymore. I am even thinking of giving a short talk next time.

At the end, I would like to thank the organizers and sponsors specailly ZPG.

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