Why May 2018 is so special?

As we entered the sixth month of the year 2018. So what have I achieved in May 2018? In short, plenty. Let me share the details.

May 2018 has been the best month so far in the year 2018. In this month, I submitted 60 Pull Requests. Only two occasions in the past where I had better number than May 2018. It was 77 Pull Requests in December 2016 and 63 Pull Requests in January 2017.

As of today, 2nd June 2018, I have submitted 858 Pull Requests. Of those 575 Pull Requests have been merged successfully. I am hoping to get to the magic number 1000 before the next London Perl Workshop, which is the 3rd Nov 2018. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

One more thing that happened in May 2018 was very special. Ever since I joined Pull Request Challenge, started by Neil Bowers in January 2015, I have managed to submit at least 1 Pull Request to the allocated distribution each month. However in May 2018, I submitted 3 Pull Requests and they all got merged straight away, which is rare. Only one occasion in the past where I had better number than May 2018. It was 5 Pull Requests in September 2015 for PDF::Create. Gabor Szabo kindly accepted all 5 Pull Requests and also handed me the co-maintain role for the same distribution.

As of today, 2nd June 2018, I have submitted 61 Pull Requests. Of those 51 Pull Requests have been merged. I am hoping to continue till Dec 2018 when this Pull Request Challenge is going to end.

Ever since I started recording numbers, May 2018 has recorded the highest number of commits i.e. 535. Previous best month was Oct 2017 with 434 commits.

Looking at the numbers, the count is going up every year.

May 2018 is also very special month for 2 other things. First I joined the elite panel of co-editors of widely popular PerlWeekly newsletter and published the first edition as an editor on 21st May 2018. I am working on the next edition which would be publised on 4th June 2018.

Second special moment was that I wrote my first article How to become CPAN contributor? for perl.com which was widely appreciated. I have already submitted the follow up article for review. Hopefully it would be released soon. I am hoping to carry on writing on this topic at least 5 part series. If possible, I might turn this into my first book with the same title.


Wow! Thanks for all you're doing to help CPAN (and me personally, quite a few times)!

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