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I still remember the blog A year of CPAN uploads by Barbie published on 22nd March 2015. In his blog, he mentioned my name and my intention to break his record. At that point in time, I was at 150 odd days old. I was no where near the Barbie's record number. However I had made up my mind, no matter what I will go past his magic number. One day not only I crossed the magic number 370 but I reached 1000 days mark.

All-time Top 10(sourced: neilb.org)

On 23rd July 2017, I blogged about it. In response to my blog, I received appreciation from many greats like Larry Wall, Dave Cross, Shlomi Fish, Lee Johnson and Steve Bertnand. One comment by Larry Wall is still fresh to my mind as below:

"Allow me to also say- and this probably reflects my own limited world experience as much as anything else- how gratifying I find it to see someone named Muhammad release Calendar::Hebrew. Truly you help make this world a better place!"

You must be wondering why am I telling the story again.

After reaching 1027th day of daily CPAN uploads, came the sad end unfortunately. I missed the upload during my holiday break in India. It was indeed very sad day for me but I wasn't going to stop there. So I started again the very next day without any delay. Now today is the 371st day of daily CPAN uploads which is well past the Barbie's magic number of 370 days again.

Current Top 10(sourced: neilb.org)

My ultimate aim is to break my own record of 1027 days of daily CPAN uploads. For that I have to continue doing daily CPAN uploads for another 2 years without break. Although my immediate target is to get to 500 days first, which is not far and seems achievable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all module authors who have kindly allow me to maintain their distributions.

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Shameless plug for my version of the challenge on CPAN.io. :-)

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