Pull Request - Mission Accomplished

According to the Wikipedia, "The Mission Accomplished" speech was a televised address by United States President George W. Bush on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003.

My journey so far has been very satisfying. I have had some low times in between but I kept it going. To do this for such a long time consistently, you have to have a real motivation. All credit goes to one man, Neil Bowers, whose contributions inspired me to take this challenge. Every time my PR gets accepted and merged, it gives me immense pleasure that I can't describe in words. Not all my PR were technical. I still remember one PR which was simply adding a space to a line in the code to make it presentable on metacpan.org The response from the author was "Such a perfectionist!". I have compiled some very encouraging responses which I will publish soon.

I have been thinking of what distribution shall I pick for my 1000th PR for the last couple of days. Neil Bowers, again helped me deciding it, unknowingly. The story goes like this, I received an email from Neil Bowers on 2nd Sep 2018 with regard to the Pull Request Challenge for September month. The distribution I was allocated was Email::Address. I noticed the author, Ricardo SIGNES, has marked it clearly as "Deprecated". So I replied back to Neil if I can have another distribution as it makes no sense doing PR for deprecated distribution. To which he replied, I can still submit PR against it and mark it "Deprecated" in the meta. He sent me link to one of his blog, explaining the process. It was really helpfull. At the same he sent me another distribution for September, which was "Sys::Filesystem". I already submitted one PR against it and kept the distribution "Email::Address" for my 1000th PR.

Here comes the moment, I have been waiting for so many years, my 1000th PR
gone in the record book.

What now?

Those who know me, knows the answer ;-)

Keep contributing to CPAN.


Thank you for your CPAN contribution!

1000th PR is wonderful.

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