Hacktoberfest 2018 - Memorable Moments

I remember the first time when I participated the Hacktoberfest challenge in the year 2015, I was so excited competing with other hackers. Although I only had to submit 4 Pull Request to get specially designed free T-shirt but I went ahead and submitted 45 Pull Request in that month. I was very pleased to receive my first T-shirt. I still wear it occassionally with pride. I continued participating the challenge every year ever since but never beat that first year record of 45 Pull Request.

Year 2016: 12 Pull Request
Year 2017: 40 Pull Request

This year 2018, has been special to me in many ways. Therefore I wanted to go out and break the record. Also this is the last year for Pull Request Challenge, I wanted to make it memorable. Thanks to all the people who have supported me all the way and accepted my Pull Request. I feel honored to see so many encouraging messages from the "Whos Who" of Perl Community.

With all the support and encouragement, I have gone past the 100 Pull Request mark and there are still 10 odds days left in the month. At this rate, I am hoping to go over 150 Pull Request. Fingers crossed. Acceptance rate is little over 50%, which is not bad.

Keep contributing !!!

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