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Taking clue from Gabor Szabo, the Chief Editor of PerlWeekly newsletter, when he tweeted last week and asked his followers what they would like to read in the next edition of PerlWeekly newsletter.

I would like to introduce "Perl Weekly Challenge" where anyone can put forward the challenge for others. It can be Perl5 or Perl6. We, developers, come across many challenges on a daily basis at work. Why not throw the same challenge and see how others would approach the challenge. Or if you have found the solution, share that as well by writing a very small blog either on or I am sure the Chief Editor, David Farrel, would not mind to have it.

If you find writing blog is a challenge in itself then I can help you with it. Just send me the plain text and I will try to get it published on

It is OK, if we don't find the solution in the same week as long as we find the solution to the challenge. Once we have a solution, we would then pick the second challenge and carry on.

It would be great to have more and more people join us in the challenge. Just email me ( if you want to join the challenge. Once you have joined the "Perl Weekly Challenge" then you would be able to submit the challenge as many as you like and also participate in finding the solutions of the current challenge.

Regularly I would publish winner of the "Perl Weekly Challenge". If you have any suggestions, please do email me.


great idea, would like to be part of your team. :) do let me know

correction, great idea, would like to be part of the team. :) it would be great learning opportunity.

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