My Twin Projects

Last week, 2 projects kept me busy, one is "Perl Weekly Challenge" and the other is "London Hack Day".

Perl Weekly Challenge

I have created dedicated email account for the group i.e. so that I no longer have to use my personal email. Second I created a twitter account to spread the word about the forthcoming challenges i.e. @PerlWChallenge. If you are active on Twitter, I request you to please follow the twitter account and spread the word. I have started working on dedicated web portal and registered a domain as well. I am using Hugo to generate the contents. With the help of GitHub pages, we are planning to go public on 25th March 2019 with the first challenge for both Perl5 and Perl6. I have informed the team members about the progress we have made so far. I am hoping more will join after the official launch of the event. Fingers Crossed.

London Hack Day

This is simply a re-birth of old "London Hack Day". I reached out to Sue Spence for the guide and help as she was managing the "London Hack Day" in the past. I have had very positive reply from her and some very useful tips. I am still working on the formats. I will share once I have the first draft ready. What I gathered so far is finding the place in London is the most difficult bit. Ideally we would want place with WiFi for a day (or may half day) any free weekend. Fergus is helping with this. I don't have any experience of holding such events, so I am relying on fellow hackers (London based) for the help. In the meantime, I have created a dedicated email account i.e. Also there is dedicated twitter account as well i.e. @LondonHackDay. If you are active on Twitter then please follow us and spread the word. I have also registered domain for the event. I will soon start working on web portal, once "Perl Weekly Challenge" is gone live.

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