Annual Report - 2019

Annual Report - 2019

2019 Resolution

At the start of the year 2019, I made new year resolution that I will submit at least 50 Pull Request each month in the year 2019. It wasn't easy but I was able to hold on to my resolution with the help of many CPAN authors. In the year 2020, I am going to take little easy and revert back to one Pull Request a day each month.

Perl Weekly Challenge

The main attraction of the year was "Perl Weekly Challenge" started on 25th March 2019. It is platform for Perl and Raku fan to share the knowledge. As of now, we have successfully completed 9 months of weekly challenge. As of today, we have 140 active members.

Perl Weekly Challenge Club

We created the club for "Perl Weekly Challenge" members to share the knowledge. This is becoming fast popular among the members as a central Knowledge Base. As of today, we have 83 contributors, 93 fork and 44 star on GitHub profile..

Weekly Challenge Advent Calendar

I have contributed to Perl Advent Calendar in the year 2018 for the first time, thanks to Mark Fowler. This year I decided to start Advent Calendar for the "Perl Weekly Challenge". I didn't have enough time to plan it. However thanks to the members of the team, I completed the Advent Calendar successfully.

CPAN Daily Game

I had been playing CPAN Daily Game for a long time now. In my first attempt, I played 1027 days at a stretch but then the chain got broken. I started again and it went on 621 days the second time and got broken again. I started again the very next day and continued till 182 days and it broke again In November 2019. Finally I decided to take a break from the game.


I have been taking part in Hacktoberfest Challenge since 2015. The year 2019 has been the best year so far where I contributed 160 Pull Requests in the month of October 2019.

24 Pull Requests

Like, Hacktoberfest, I have been doing 24 Pull Request since 2015. Unfortunately, the organiser decided not to hold the challenge this year. However, it didn't stop me to take the plunge anyway. I submitted 44 Pull Requests in the first 24 days of December 2019. It wasn't the best performance as I contributed 125 Pull Requests during the 24 days event in the year 2018.

Pull Request Club

I joined the Pull Request Club in January 2019, the month it was announced public. Ever since, I managed to contribute to every assignment each month. Kivanc Yazan presented the annual report recently he mentioned only one user completed all 12 assignments. I like to believe it was me.

Perl Weekly Newsletter

At the end of year 2019, I have now edited 43 editions of weekly newsletter. I got the opportunity to work on the last edition of the year 2019.

Mission Raku

For the first time, I gave talk in Raku at the London Perl Workshop 2019 as Create and publish your first Perl 6 module distribution. I even contributed to the Raku Advent Calendar as Maze Maker for Fun.

Meeting with Curtis Ovid Poe

I saw Curtis first time at the German Perl Workshop - 2018 but didn't have the courage to speak to him. Fast forward, a year later in 2019, I had the opportunity to meet him again at The Perl Conference in Riga. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, so I took a brave step and had short but sweet conversation with him.

Meeting with Matt Trout

I have seen Matt Trout actively taking part in London Perl Workshop ever since I started taking part but never got the courage to speak to him. Again at The Perl Conference in Riga, Julien Fiegehenn introduced me to him. I had a short and memorable discussion with him.

Meeting with Andrew Shitov

I knew Andrew as a popular author of many books on Raku. I had email interaction with him during the registration of The Perl Conference in Riga. Although he was busy managing the conference but I still managed to grab him after the group dinner night one evening. He is an amazing chap.

Gift by JJ Merelo

I have known JJ Merelo for many years now. He has been regular to London Perl Workshop and saw him giving talks. At The Perl Conference in Riga, JJ Merelo gave me one of his very popular book "Learning to program with Perl6: First Steps". Not only that he even signed the copy as well with lovely message.

"My white camel award to the most awesome Perl challenger"

Let's take a quick look through last month main activities.

Pull Request

55 Pull Requests submitted in the month of December.

2258 Pull Requests altogether.

Git Commits

810 commits recorded in the month of December.

Overall 9870 commits recorded in the year 2019.

Perl Weekly Challenge

Perl Weekly Challenge proposed in the month of December

I have also reviewed the weekly challenges and they are listed as below:

Please checkout the interview with the last month champions.

Pull Request Club

Last month, I received Business::CardInfo by Wallace Reis. I submitted one Pull Request and it is already accepted and merged by Wallace Reis.

Perl Blog

Last month, I blogged about the following topics.

Perl Weekly Newsletter

Last month, I edited 3 editions of The Perl Weekly newsletter i.e. Issue #436, Issue #438 and Issue #440.

Adopt CPAN Module

None in the last month.

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