CPAN modules for spelling out numbers in English

The review previously posted here is now hosted elsewhere.


Your ideas about what is American vs. British are not entirely consistent with usage across this rather vast country. Growing up in North Carolina, everyone used 'minus' which you describe as British, and most people put an and between the hundred and the rest of the number. And even in NYC today, when referring to temperatures, people often choose minus. I'm sure that there are style guides which decry such usage, but what I'm saying is that a better approach (if someone is fixing those issues) is to make the negative_prefix ('minus' or 'negative'), the hundred_and boolean, and the long_or_short separate options, and not lump them all together as british or american. That should also provide a more robust module if custom changes, as it apparently has with the short vs. long issue.

There is one bug fix in this fork:

I also have written to Sean M. Burke about the module but did not receive a reply.

Hi NeilB

Thanx for making the effort.

I know this means more work, but I'd like to see you roll your code into a module under the Benchmark::Featureset::* namespace.

That'd make it easy to re-run after modules were updated.


Thanks, just when I needed this article..

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