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How many ways can I use thee, module?

What are all the different ways that a dependency on a module can be introduced?

use Foo::Bar; require Foo::Bar; use parent 'Foo::Bar'; use base 'Foo::Bar';

And if you're using Moose:

    extends 'My::Parent'      => { -version => 0.01 },
            'My::OtherParent' => { -version => 0.03 };
    with 'My::Role'      => { -version => 0.32 },
         'My::Otherrole' => { -version => 0.23 };

Or the aliased module:

    use aliased 'Foo::Bar' => 'Foobar';
    $foobar = Foobar-…

Forgive me, for I have sinned

I uploaded a new module to CPAN, because none of the existing options were right to me, and then I subsequently found a good few more modules.

While working on my review of modules for getting dependency information, I came across a few modules which take the path to a module and parse the source to extract information. In writing my synopsis style scripts, it would be much easier to pass a module name. So I started hacking on one of the modules (Module::Used). I needed …

Update to review of Dependency modules

I've updated my review of modules for getting dependency information. The previous version listed 8 modules on CPAN — it now covers 18 modules!

  • App::FatPacker::Trace
  • Devel::Modlist
  • Devel::TraceUse
  • Dist::Requires
  • Module::Extract::Use
  • Module::Info
  • Module::Overview
  • Module::PrintUsed
  • Module::ScanDeps
  • Module::Used

One of the recommendations has changed: if you want an approach based on parsing, …

CPAN modules for checking credit card numbers (LUHN check)

I have published a review of CPAN modules for checking credit card numbers, using the LUHN algorithm. There are nine modules listed, with seven of them able to do a LUHN check on an arbitrary number (one of the other modules is vaporware from Steven Haryanto!)

I've also updated the review of modules for defining constants: a new version of Const::Fast was released …

Updates to five of my CPAN reviews

I've updated five of my CPAN reviews, adding new modules and updating where new versions of modules have been released.

I've added the ability to comment at the end of each review, using disqus. Following a suggestion from Ben Bullock, module names in the summary table now link to the review section for the module, and there's a separate link for the module's doc.

Modules for generating passwords:

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