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vworker for Perl?

Would a site like vworker but perl-specific, where freelancers could pick up (small bits of) work from others in the community, have any legs?

CPAN modules for getting a module's path

I've written a review of CPAN modules for getting a module's path, as previously promised.

This covers 14 modules, some of which offer a lot more than getting the path, and two of which offer nothing more than that. As ever, please let me know if you know of any module(s) I've missed.

Testing scripts in your distribution, portably

This is a summary of the things I had to do, to add a simple test case for a script that I added to one of my distributions. It's taken over 2 elapsed days, 3 developer releases, and two sessions on IRC, to get to the end. I'm writing this up (a) so I don't forget, and (b) in case it's useful to someone else, and (c) in case the peanut gallery can point out any further gotchas I've missed.

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