vworker for Perl?

Would a site like vworker but perl-specific, where freelancers could pick up (small bits of) work from others in the community, have any legs?

This is an idea I've mulled over a few times, so now I'm wondering if it has any legs. There are many sites like vworker, where people can post up specs, and freelancers can bid on the work. You can often get work done quite cheaply, but there are obviously risks.

Would a dedicated service be useful to the Perl community? When posting tasks, you would state the maximum you can pay, which might be $0. Example of possible tasks:

  • I'd like someone to fix RT#NNNN
  • I'd like someone to implement feature X on the TODO list for module Foo::Bar
  • I'd like a module for doing XYZ, which will go on CPAN.
  • I'd like someone to create a module for X to get me started, I'll then finish it (and possibly released to CPAN).
  • I'd like a framework of perl modules developing, and they won't be released to CPAN.

People could comment on items, for example to say "already done, see ACME::Wanker".

Obviously Perl developers could find vworker and the many other sites, but I wonder would a perl-specific service give it focus? I'm not really thinking about the business opportunity (where such a site would act as a broker and take either a fixed fee or a small percentage), but just a service that facilitates connections.

I'm not really looking to be such a hired gun. Over the last year I've had a number of occasions where I've thought "this would be a nice small package of work; pity there isn't really anywhere I can put it up for bids, and feel confident that a good number of Perl developers would see it".


As far as I understand, the sites you mention are about paid work. I doubt that this works well in Open Source programming - but maybe wrong. In addition I think the perl community is not large enough and there are already too many places. Can't we use an already existing service?

I'd like to see donation button on the modules. So i can supply beer to people i like. Imagine how much beer some guys can have

I think this would be helpful. Flattr is nice, but I can use it to give some money to module authors. This is typically in appreciation of the module, but you would not use it to say: 'fix RT#1234 and get money'.

Also, many module authors are not per se interested in code for money.

Neils proposal is to give ANY perl hacker the opportunity to make some $$ by fixing issues. This does not specificly need to be the module author, or even *a* module author. And if the request was to add a feature to an existing module, of course, with a diff and unit tests attached, module authorst can put it in the next version, if they so desire.

I would like such a site, and find use for it, I think. I'm also not sure if someone should create a new site, or if we should just all use one *existing* site.

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