Update on the adoption list - first adoption!

Based on feedback, I've made a number of changes to how the adoption list is created. They're summarised below, and described in more detail on my blog. We've had the first release from an adoption prompted by the list: Stephen Nelson has released Convert-BinHex (+1 his quest). This prompted me to create a Hall of Fame. Let me know if you adopt a module, whether it was on the list or not.

Changes to the way the adoption list is generated:

  • Exclude any dists released in the last 6 months.
  • Bug scoring is mainly based on whether bugs were submitted a long time after the last release.
  • All dependent distributions (both direct and indirect) are now counted for each dist, not just the number of directly dependent dists.
  • Core modules that are dual-lived and maintained on CPAN now get +1
  • +1 on the score if the module has ADOPTME or HANDOFF permissions.

Reminder: there's a Questhub quest stencil for adopting a module, with six people currently working on it. Give them a +1! (disclosure: I'm one of them :-)

Thanks to everyone who's offered ideas and encouragement, particularly DAGOLDEN, ETHER, and SZABGAB.


I'm not sure how directly this is from the adoption list, but YAML-Tiny has now moved from svn to the Perl-Toolchain-Gang organization on github, and is going to get a bit more attention paid to its outstanding tickets.

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