Fancy writing a Dist::Zilla plugin?

Does anyone fancy writing a Dist::Zilla plugin that would read a Changes file in YAML and munge it to one in the CPAN::Changes::Spec format?

As part of my quest to get another 1% of CPAN conforming to CPAN::Changes::Spec, I yesterday submitted a pull request for Mo's Changes file.

INGY pointed out that it's currently in a YAML format (something I hadn't realised!), and suggested a Dist::Zilla plugin could be written that converts his YAML format to the CPAN::Changes::Spec format, which is what would be shipped to CPAN.

Seems like this wouldn't take very long for someone familiar with DZ plugins. Anyone fancy it? Write a quest on Questhub, and I'll +1 you for sure!


Hi Neil,
Good to see that you are still pushing through on the quest!

I use the following module to get a Changes file from git commits: Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ChangelogFromGit::CPAN::Changes

There used to be a issue for distributions that were not following Changes::Spec versioning standard in their release tags(like my own that tagged their releases like release-1.23 etc.) but that was fixed as per this patch that I pushed to the repo:
essentially you can use specify regex to parse the release tag and get a version number compliant with Changes::Spec. I am happy to report that with my dzil bundle reconfigured, I am at full spec compliance now :)

-Shantanu Bhadoria

Tried this on IO-All, there's a typo at 0.35. After typo is fixed, Changes conversion works but (but 'dzil build' still fails with some other error).

Didn't try this on File-Share, Changes seems simple enough so it'll probably work. :)

Tried on RosettaCode, works (but 'dzil build' also failed here).

Checked a few other INGY's dists, they don't seem to have dist.ini yet.

Good luck on continuing the quest :)

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