Acknowledge your contributors on CPAN Day

There's a well known saying, "it takes a village to raise a child". I think our equivalent is something like "it takes a community to raise a CPAN distribution". There are very few modules on CPAN that have been purely the work of one person. You get bug reports, pull requests, feature ideas, typos reported by D Steinbrunner, and so on.

All of these interactions nudge your distribution down the road, encourage you, inspire you, and sometimes annoy you. But they all help make your distributions what they are. So on CPAN day, maybe you could acknowledge them in your documentation?

If someone reports a bug, then when you fix it, hopefully you already acknowledge and thank them in your Changes file. You've probably seen things like this:

* RT#12345 - missed opportunity to curse out Stevan - GENEHACK++

But Changes files don't get looked at nearly so much as documentation, so you could also add a section down near the SEE ALSO:


You could list them all by name, and perhaps call some of them out for specific contributions. I haven't done this, but I'll remedy that.

If you're using Dist::Zilla, David Golden wrote a great post on how to give credit to contributors. I've been meaning to give it a go, so I'm going to try it on CPAN Day.

Gabor Szabo wrote up how you can add your contributors to your distributions metadata.

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Also, if you have a file called "CREDITS", "AUTHORS", or "THANKS" in your release's root directory, MetaCPAN will consider this to be an a href="">interesting file and display it on your release page (under the "Other Files" heading). also displays "CREDITS" under its "Special Files" heading. (Not sure if it handles "AUTHORS" or "THANKS".)

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