Fix your CPAN Testers failures on CPAN Day

If you're a module author, and looking for something to release on CPAN Day, have a look at your CPAN Testers results. If you've got any failures, check the test report(s) and see if you could release an update to prevent those in the future.

In his YAPC keynote, GENEHACK described CPAN Testers as one of our secret weapons. Other programming language communities don't have the equivalent free service. It's an integral part of my CPAN development process.

If you've only got a few dists, just go to the MetaCPAN page for each of them, and have a look at the Testers link in the sidebar:

The red one is the number of failures. Clicking on it will take you to the CPAN Testers page for the dist, filtered to show the failures only (you will probably need to scroll down). Click on the word FAIL to see an individual test report. Usually you can work out what the problem is. If you can't work it out, I think the #cpantesters-discuss IRC channel is a good place to start.

If you've got a lot of dists, you could look at the CPAN Testers page which shows all your dists. My PAUSE id is NEILB, so my CPAN Testers page is:

If you don't have any dists of your own (you could fix that on CPAN day too :-), then have a look at the MetaCPAN page for a few of your favourite dists, and see if you can find a failure that you can do something about.

CPAN Testers is entirely run by volunteers, and coordinated by BARBIE. You could consider tipping CPAN Testers.

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