Get 'CPANTS clean' on CPAN Day

CPANTS bills itself as a "testing service for CPAN distributions". It calculates a kwalitee score for all distributions. It doesn't test the quality of your code, but instead evaluates whether your distribution follows various conventions.

Being 'CPANTS clean' means that your distribution is more likely to behave well with the CPAN toolchain, the ecosystem of CPAN-related services, and ad-hoc tools that various people write.

If you haven't thought of something to release on CPAN Day (Sat August 16th), have a look at your CPANTS author's page.

If you're not familiar with CPANTS, you can find it at But for authors the place to look is your author page. For example, if your PAUSE id is OLIVER, then your CPANTS page will be:

And here's what Oliver's page looks like:


If you hover your mouse over the red crosses or yellow lightning bolts, you'll get a brief indication of what's wrong. Clicking on the dist name will take you to a page with more detailed descriptions of the failures.

You're not likely to get your board entirely green,not least because the second-from-the-right entry is "has a dist on CPAN by a different author dependent on it".

You can quickly see that Oliver has a few quick wins for CPAN Day, even if he just sticks to the red ones :-)

CPAN Day is 16th August, and is the anniversary of the first true upload to CPAN, via PAUSE.


Thanks for the prod! :-)

(You might want to update the text to mention CPAN Day is 16th August for those who've not read your earlier post.)

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