The Silver Camel goes to ... Mark Keating

At the end of the London Perl Workshop this year, we presented Mark Keating with a Silver Camel, to acknowledge everything he has done, and continues to do, for the Perl community, and particularly the UK Perl community.

Here's Mark shortly after being presented with his Silver Camel:

Photo by Wendy G.A. van Dijk

In case you're not familiar with Mark:

  • He has been chief organiser of the London Perl Workshop since 2008
  • He is co-founder and co-leader of North-West England Perl Mongers
  • He's been involved in the Google Summer of Code
  • He's director and secretary of the enlightened perl organisation
  • He's chair of The Perl Foundation's marketing committee
  • He's been a key player in the scheme to send newbies to conferences
  • He's talked about Perl at non-Perl conferences
  • His and Matt's company (Shadowcat) are long-term supporters of Perl

Here's a close-up of the Silver Camel:

Silver Camel

Wendy has more pictures of Mark and his camel on flickr.

Because he's a committee member on The Perl Foundation (TPF), Mark's not currently eligible for a white camel award. But we wanted to acknowledge the range of things he does for us, particularly LPW.

Thank you Mark, for everything you do for us and Perl.


Hear, hear!

Well deserved. Congrats!

He deserves it! Congrats, Mark! :)

He's chair of TPF's marketing committee too.

And that, as I understand it, is why he's currently not being considered for a White Camel. To avoid any possible conflicts of interest TPF don't give White Camels to people who are currently on TPF committees.

(If I've got that wrong, please correct me.)

I never cease to be amazed at what Mark manages to pull off with the LPW, and find myself praying that we don't have to find someone to fill his boots. Thanks Mark!

p.s ^^^ is written by me, Andrew Solomon. I'm not stalking him, this is just google's sign-in anonymity "feature'':)

Wait... silver camel? What are those? Tried googling, but that showed nothing.

Go Mark!

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