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Bring out yer distributions!

In January more than 50 perl hackers will be starting the CPAN pull request challenge. They'll be randomly assigned a CPAN distribution and will have a month to submit at least one pull request.

Here I'll outline some things you can do to help the process, if you have distributions on CPAN, and are so inclined. Many of the particpants are relatively new to Perl, open source, and git(hub), so this is a way to help them "join in".

It's not too late to join in yourself — you can join at any time. Just email me: neil at bowers dot com.

Take the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge

If you join the CPAN pull request challenge, then at the start of each month in 2015 you'll be emailed a (somewhat) randomly selected CPAN distribution. You'll have one month to submit at least one pull request. You don't have to be an experienced Perl programmer, CPAN author, or githubber. The goal is to help others, possibly learn something, and hopefully have a bit of fun.

If you want to sign up, email me (neil at bowers dot com), letting me know your github username and your PAUSE id, if you have one.

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