Bring out yer distributions!

In January more than 50 perl hackers will be starting the CPAN pull request challenge. They'll be randomly assigned a CPAN distribution and will have a month to submit at least one pull request.

Here I'll outline some things you can do to help the process, if you have distributions on CPAN, and are so inclined. Many of the particpants are relatively new to Perl, open source, and git(hub), so this is a way to help them "join in".

It's not too late to join in yourself — you can join at any time. Just email me: neil at bowers dot com.

So how can you prepare your distribution and ensure it's a candidate for selection?

  • If it's not already, you could put your distribution on github.
  • If it's on github, then also ensure that your dist's metadata includes the github repo. I'll only be selecting distributions that are on github (obviously) and which have the repo in their metadata.
  • Please make sure that your bug list is up to date, whether on RT or github. It's annoying to try and fix a bug which you eventually realise was fixed in a previous release.
  • If there are specific plans you have for your distribution, then you could add some markdown bullets in Or if you don't want to do a release just for that, you could add them to RT or the github issue list.

On the flip side, you may have some distributions which you don't want to be candidates for this project. If so, just email me their names, and I'll add them to my black-list.

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