Infinity Interactive is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

Following the recent announcement of the QA Hackathon, we're happy to announce that Infinity Interactive have signed up to sponsor this year's event. Their support means that we can invite more people to attend, and lets us focus on the work rather than the money.

You might have heard of Infinity Interactive, and you're even more likely to have heard of some of their employees. Just in case you haven't, we'd like to share some information about them.

Infinity is a small IT consultancy founded in 1998, now with 28 employees. Their HQ is in New York, but they are a 100% virtual company, with remote employees based all over the US and Canada. They describe Perl as their "first love", but work with a wide range of languages, technologies and platforms.

Both the company and its employees are committed to open source, contributing to a wide range of projects, particularly related to Perl. Among other well-known modules, Infinity is where the Moose object system was born. Infinity employees have created and maintained many distributions on CPAN, and you can see some of them on github. Some of the CPAN authors you may recognise include SARTAK, GENEHACK, WOLFSAGE, ANELSON, FLORA, DIZ, JHANNAH, and last but certainly not least, YANICK.

Their involvement goes beyond the code though, with the company and its employees actively supporting and engaging in the community. This year's QAH is just one of the events they've sponsored in the Perl community, and they regularly speak at YAPCs, OSDC, OSCON and other conferences. If you didn't attend YAPC::NA last year, then you should watch the video of John Anderson's keynote, which was about the Perl communities, and his thoughts on how they should evolve.

This event couldn't take place without the support of sponsors. Thank you to Infinity for sponsoring the QA Hackathon, and their continued support of Perl and the broader OSS community.

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