STRATO is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

We're happy to announce that STRATO has decided to sponsor this year's QA Hackathon.

If you live in certain parts of Europe then you will probably have heard of STRATO, but others might not. STRATO is an ISO 27001-certified hosting provider with its headquarters in Germany. STRATO offers domains, email and homepage packages, online storage, web shops and servers through to high-end solutions.

But even more relevant to the hackathon: STRATO has a team of 70 developers, most of whom use Perl to develop the bespoke services and applications that run STRATO's data centres. For example, the API for HiDrive (STRATO's online storage solution) is written in Perl.

They're staunch supporters of open source, using it wherever possible, and contributing back to the community when they can. Not only are they sponsoring the hackathon, but two of their employees, Andreas König and Tina Müller, are organising and participating in the hackathon.

STRATO is proud to support Perl and CPAN in this way, and looks forward to welcoming everyone to their home town of Berlin.

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