One more month in the 2015 CPAN PR Challenge

So far 487 people have signed up for the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge. Each month participants (who have just joined or completed the previous month) get a semi-randomly assigned distribution, and have one month to submit a pull request.

A lot of those 487 never did a PR, or did one and then dropped out. But plenty have stuck with it, and 56 perl hackers have had a November assignment so far. There are stragglers spread through the year as well, determined to submit a damn PR for the distribution they were assigned.

We're hoping to end on a bang: so far more than 30 past participants (who had submitted at least one PR) have rejoined just for December. Back in January I told RJBS that I hoped 100 people would do a PR in December. He said that'll never happen. Help me prove him wrong!

It's not too late to join, and just do one last PR in December: send email to me (neil at bowers dot com) with your github username and your PAUSE id if you have one. I'm giving a talk on the PRC at the London Perl Workshop, and it would be great if we could pass 500 sign-ups by then...

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