ZipRecruiter is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

We're delighted to announce that ZipRecruiter has decided to sponsor this year's QA Hackathon. is a website where job seekers can find jobs all over the world, and employers can list their open positions. Not only will those positions be listed on, they will be pushed to more than one hundred job boards and social networks. Job seekers get free email alerts with postings that are tailor-made for their skill set and location.

ZipRecruiter was founded by four friends in 2010 who wanted to make life easier on both sides of the hiring table. With years of experience building sites with Perl, they put together their first prototype using DBIx::Class, Catalyst, and MySQL. Those same technologies have grown with them to support millions of users posting, finding, and applying to jobs today.

ZipRecruiter has over 70 developers, most of whom work in Perl on a regular basis. Some of them you'll recognise as long-time contributors to Perl and CPAN: FREW, GSHANK, MERLYN, MJD, SPAZM, DFARRELL, BLUEFEET and more! ZipRecruiter continues to be built on open source, which is why they support developer communities through CPAN contributions, hosting meetings, and financial support for events like the QA Hackathon.

ZipRecruiter strives to have the best developer culture in the world. Here’s how they do it:

If this sounds like the kind of place where you might like to work, ZipRecruiter is always hiring, and currently has a diverse range of positions open:

If you have questions or want to submit your resume by email, you can contact them at

ZipRecruiter is happy to support Perl and CPAN; the team understands the value of the QA Hackathon to Perl and look forward to reading about the results from another productive event.

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And yes, I'm very happy that ZipRecruiter has paid a significant chunk of my bills for over two years.

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