CV-Library is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

We're delighted to announce that CV-Library is supporting the QA Hackthon for the first time, as a gold sponsor.

CV-Library is the UK's leading independent job site, attracting over 3.8 million unique job hunters every month and holding the nation's largest database of over 10 million CVs.

Founded in 2000, CV-Library has been built on Perl since its inception. Like Perl itself, its platform has evolved over the years, and is now predominantly modern Perl using Dancer 2. They make use of Docker containers to provision new microservices, continuous integration (and some continuous deployment!), code reviews and code inspection.

Based in Fleet, Hampshire, CV-Library has a technical team of 25 maintaining and extending its infrastructure. Their developers contribute to CPAN (DIOCLES, LANCEW, and RAZ), found Perl Mongers groups (,, talk at and arrange CPAN pull request evenings with pizza! Regular demos and training sessions keep the whole team up to speed.

CV-Library is an active supporter of Perl and Open Source, their recent CPAN modules include Toggle and WebDriver::Tiny and they are regular sponsors of the London Perl Workshop.

CV-Library is hiring. They have open positions all levels and are pleased to have trained graduates with no prior Perl experience into happy Perl developers. For more details of their roles, please see:

Learn more about CV-Library's technology:

CV-Library is proud to contribute further to the development of Perl and the toolchain that they rely on, and we thank CV-Library for its support.

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