Strato are sponsoring the QA Hackathon (again!)

We're very happy to announce that Strato are supporting the Perl QA Hackathon, as a gold sponsor, for the second consecutive year.

Strato are a global hosting company; they are a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, and have their HQ in Berlin. Their ISO 27001-certified data centres are home to four million domains and about 60,000 servers. Strato offer domains, email, homepage and wordpress packages, online storage, web shops and basic servers through to high-end solutions.

Strato has a team of 80 developers, most of whom use Perl to develop the bespoke services and tools used to run Strato's state-of-the-art data centres. They're staunch supporters of open source, using it wherever possible, and contributing back to the community when they can. They not only also sponsored the QAH last year, but two of their employees (Tina Müller and Andreas König, who created PAUSE) organised it!

Strato have a number of open positions, including two which may be of interest to any competent German speakers:

Employee benefits include:

  • flexible working hours
  • free fruit and vegetables for all employees and reduced fees for fitness centres
  • accident insurance, subsidised monthly tickets for public transportation

Strato are proud to support Perl and the CPAN toolchain again in this way, and we thank them for their continued support.

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