SureVoIP is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

We're very happy to announce that SureVoIP are supporting the QA Hackthon as a gold sponsor.

SureVoIP® (Suretec Systems Ltd.) is an Ofcom-registered Internet Telephony Service Provider supplying Hosted VoIP solutions, SIP trunks, UK inbound numbers, International SIP numbers, a partner program, public API (powered by Catalyst) and other related VoIP products and services.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland it also provides VoIP optimised internet connectivity to its customers in order for them to connect directly to its core network for the best VoIP experience.

Wherever possible SureVoIP builds its services and tools on open source software, and likes to support the relevant communities where it can (they have also sponsored the London Perl Workshop in the past). A number of CPAN distributions were developed with the support of SureVoIP and are available via its GitHub account. Suretec's founder Gavin Henry is also a CPAN author: GHENRY.

Many parts of SureVoIP's infrastructure are written in modern Perl, using well-known modules like DBIx::Class, Catalyst, Moose, HTML::FormHandler, etc. If you're experienced with those, or would like to be, SureVoIP is looking to hire an experienced modern Perl developer to work on its portal and API.

SureVoIP is proud to support development of critical Perl infrastructure this way, and we thank SureVoIP for its support.

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