TVPM Tech Talks in Reading, UK

On Monday 27th March, the Thames Valley Perl Mongers (TVPM) are having a mini tech talks session in Reading. Talks are going to be about 15 minutes each. Speakers and topics are given below, along with details of the venue.

Any and all are welcome to join us.

  • Chad Hanna is talking about synchronising a MySQL database on a shop web site with a local Access database using RESTful interface. Design considerations and implementation experiences. Limitations of the hosting environment, a reverse-engineered database schema and other perils.
  • Roger Bell_West will give an introduction to the PDF::API2 distribution: how to use it to create PDF files with text, vector graphics amd embedded bitmaps, and for editing existing PDF documents.
  • Oliver Gorwits is giving a whistle-stop tour of Netdisco's Custom Reports implementation. This feature exploits the power in Perl's dynamic, run-time nature, allowing users to specify DB connections and SQL queries in YAML, which are rendered to HTML tables supporting CSV download. We will touch on Dancer, DBIx::Class, Safe, Template::Toolkit, and jQuery DataTables.
  • Dominic Hargreaves is presenting an introduction to the perl packaging efforts (both interpreter and CPAN dists) in Debian. We will discuss packaging workflows and tools, things that can makes things easy and difficult for both Debian and upstreams, and what Debian can contribute to the wider Perl community.
  • Neil Bowers is giving a short overview of the River of CPAN as a model for talking about and analysing inter-distribution dependencies on CPAN. This model came out of discussions at the annual Toolchain Summit, where we also talked about how things can change for authors as more and more CPAN distributions are relying on yours.

We're meeting at the RISC in Reading, with talks starting from 8pm. We'll probably go for a pint at a local hostelry afterwards.


Any chance you might be streaming this someplace?

Thanks. It occurred to me as I was reading this, that we've got over 100 pm groups all doing their own thing and although our cat's stupid tricks make it up to Facebook and YouTube, we aren't sharing that wealth of information.

I have to talk to the TPF and see if coordinating PM recordings is something that we can help with.

Understood. Could you at least post the presentation materials somewhere?

Hmm. I wonder if we could do a PerlPM repo on git hub - one branch for each PM branch. Dated subdirs for the presentations, which could be the actual presentations or a link to where they exist?

Yeah, I have to flesh this idea out more.

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