CPAN Day is 16th August

CPAN Day marks the date of the first recorded upload to CPAN: Andreas König uploaded Symdump 1.20 (it's since been renamed Devel::Symdump).

On CPAN Day this year, you could do some small thing to help celebrate. This could be as simple as emailing the author of a module that you regularly use, and say "thank you". It may not sound like much, but it's great to be on the receiving end.

There are lots of other things you could do to help someone else's module. For a previous CPAN Day I posted a list of ideas.

Or if you've got your own distributions on CPAN, you could fix a bug, or merge an outstanding pull request *cough*. This year I plan to merge at least one PR, and do at least one release to CPAN. I'll submit a PR too.

What will you do?


Might i suggest that CPAN day also be a "wear a perl shirt to work" day?

It turned out be weekdays this time, 16th Aug 2017. Still plenty of time to plan the celebration. Thanks for the reminder, Neil. I am working on a new module currently, if it is ready by 16th Aug, then probably released it to mark the special day. Otherwise PR is always handy.

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