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Today is GDPR Day, and to celebrate that, the PAUSE admins have added a Privacy Policy to PAUSE. This tells you:

  • what personal data is processed by PAUSE;
  • what PAUSE does with that data;
  • how that data is shared (with the rest of the CPAN ecosystem);
  • PAUSE's lawful basis for holding your information (this is a GDPR term, which essentially answers the question "what gives PAUSE the right to hold your personal data?")
  • what your rights are, and how to exercise them.

The policy is linked off the sidebar in PAUSE, and the source is a markdown document in PAUSE's github repo.

This document is almost certainly incomplete, but it covers the essentials. We welcome help on completing and improving it:

  • For typos etc, we'll be very happy to get pull requests
  • For anything more complex, please open a github issue first, so we can discuss it there

Some of the user rights will currently be implemented manually, should anyone request them. There are some github GDPR issues still open, which we'll be working on over the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in a comment below, or send email to the PAUSE admins

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