plenvsetup is easy setup tool of plenv.

plenv is one of perl building tools. As similar tool, perlbrew is famous. I use both tools based on some environment.

plenv install and setting is little hard job. Tasks are clone of some git repository, rewrite shell profile file and reload it, and so on.

plenvsetup supports your such tasks. It is written by Satoshi AZUMA a.k.a @ytnobody / PAUSE: YTURTLE and some contributers.

When you want to setup plenv, run only one line:

curl -L | bash

plenvsetup considers various environments situations.

In Japanese today, some volunteers organizes study course in Perl, called Perl Entrance for truly beginners of programming. This event is 3rd year since startup. In this year, we use plenvsetup in a curriculum for student's Perl environment structure. This trial gives good result. Anybody could setup plenv envrionment as easy and speedy even beginners.

Do you need to setup plenv? Remenber plenvsetup when it is needed.

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