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2024 Perl Conference - Science Track Interest Survey

Greetings Perl People!

There is a strong official consideration by The Perl and Raku Foundation of including a new kind of track to the 2024 Perl and Raku Conference in Las Vegas.

Survey URL: https://forms.gle/DDPWsNqEsZW8AyWX7

The track would target academic and industrial STEM applications, and emulate in some way traditional science conference tracks; meaning the talks would be based on paper and poster submissions. If this came to pass, the Science Perl Committee would also follow up with the publishing of the papers in an official proceedings of this track. But we need your feedback!

Survey URL: https://forms.gle/DDPWsNqEsZW8AyWX7

Please complete and share the survey link so that we may convince the already overworked TPRC planning committee that it's worth the extra effort :-). You may also express support in the comments section below or email them directly to me so that I may forward them to the TPRF - oodler@cpan.org. There are ongoing discussions in the TPRF Slack also - see you there! A call for volunteers will be made at such a time that this proposal is accepted.

Brett Estrade
Chairman, Science Perl Committee

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