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February 08, 2024 @ 6pm CT ~ Houston Perl Mongers Zoom Meeting

February 08, 6pm CT ~ Houston Perl Mongers Zoom Meeting 🔗 Thu Jan 25 2024
Title: Using Perl Prototypes

When: Thur February 8th at 6:00-8:00 PM CT (+6 UTC)

Where: (virtual, see below):

Meeting ID: 920 069 702
Password can be found by running this statement.
perl -e 'print +(0b1000100).((3<<2)*10).(010)."\n"' # 681208
Original post:

Perl & Raku Conference 2024 to Host a Science Track!

I am very pleased to announce that the 2024 Perl & Raku Conference Planning Committee (TPRC) is moving forward with the addition of a new track that targets academic, governmental, and industrial STEM applications. It will strive to be organized as a traditional science conference track; meaning the talks will be based on paper and poster submissions. (more on this in a future announcement!)

The decision by the TPRC Planning Committee is the result of an overwhelmingly positive response to the Science Track Survey that was held late in 2023. Everyone involved in organizing the survey deeply appreciates those who filled out the survey or shared it with others.

The track is being organized in tight cooperation with the TPRC, by the Science Perl Committee (SPC); a separately organized group of Perl and STEM enthusiasts that anyone of good will is welcome to join.

What to expect now: ...

In the coming weeks, the SPC will begin to send out targeted calls for science paper-based talks to STEM organizations and professions. A general call for science paper-based talks will be included in the official Call for Papers that is traditionally made by the TPRC. This is to avoid any early confusion with deadlines and due dates.

If you're interested in submitting a science paper-based talk or serving as a paper reviewer as a subject matter expert, please start thinking about it now. Topics are not required to exclusively involve Perl or Raku, but should be germane to the technical interests of those attending the TPRC (Perl, Raku, Science).

Addition Info:

For more information on the 2024 Perl & Raku Conference, please visit the following sites for more information.

Questions and comments that are beneficial to the Perl Community and overall effort to bring you an amazing 2024 Perl Conference are welcome below. You may also email me directly at, oodler@cpan.org.


Brett Estrade (OODLER)

Chairman, Science Perl Committee

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