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2024 TPRC Submission Date Extended thru April 20th

The deadline for talk and paper submissions to the 2024 TPRC has been Officially extended through April 20th for both the regular Perl and Raku tracks; and also the Science Track.

Update for the Science Track submissions, we have a small, but solid set of submissions and are expecting a few more. The Science Perl Committee is committed to helping anyone submitting a serious entry to succeed. If you're hesitating at all because you're afraid of getting rejected, please be reassured we want as many people to be part of this inaugural Science Track, as possible.

Please note, acceptable topics DO include white papers discussing implementation details of the Perl or Raku interpreters, experimental language features, implementations, benchmarks, etc.

I personally and strongly encourage you to submit an abstract to the Science Track. And if you don't want to write a paper, I strongly encourage you to submit a regular conference talk.

Brett Estrade (OODLER)

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