Guess what this does ...

First, here's a one-liner:

    perl -de 'BEGIN {@DB::typeahead=("V ::","q")};1'

If you have a sense of what might be happening, you're probably an experienced Perl user. If you can accurately describe what's happening, you're an advanced user. If you can completely describe the output before you see it, you need psychiatric help.


You don't need the ' ::', V defaults to the current namespace and all variables.

Sadly, I knew this without looking it up. Though I couldn't have told you what variables would have been displayed.

Interesting, but I think this has nothing to do with Perl expertise as it's just some command in the debugger. And yeah I had no idea what it was doing (apart from guessing what @DB::typeahead can be from its name) as I've never used V

I had not used V before either, but the :: gave it away.

Well isn't that output rather interesting.

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