Slides for my YAPC::Europe 2012 Keynote

When I gave my keynote at YAPC::Europe 2012, I had not yet put the slides online because the talk was very much a work in progress. My intent was to repeatedly update the slides until I felt comfortable with them, but the talk was popular enough that people kept requesting the slides, so here are the slides for Agile Companies Go P.O.P.

A few notes:

  • Slideshare did an awful job of converting them
  • Slides are like subtitles: you can lose a lot of important information
  • There a few areas which need to be rewritten.

The basic idea of the talk is simple: just as having a powerful V8 engine doesn't mean you have a car, using XP, Scrum or similar agile project management methodology doesn't mean you're agile. An agile company goes P.O.P.:

  • People
  • Organization
  • Process

The process bit is what most of us think when we say "agile", but you need the right people and the right organizational mindset to get to truly have an agile company.

In later posts, I'll expand on this topic.

In other news, I have a workaround for that awful "Text was entered wrong" error on my blog. You should be able to comment, even if you're anonymous (it will be held for approval). Also, we've gotten syntax highlighting working again.

And if you really pay attention, you'll notice that there is paging at the bottom of the front page now. Thanks Aaron :)


I enjoyed your keynote, thanks a lot.

Thanks for putting these up.

Does this mean I can actually write comments now?

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