Perl::QA Hackathon in Lyon - Day 4

Today's the last day of the Hackathon and it's gotten off to an interesting start: we were locked out of the offices (it appears to be accidental), so now we're overflowing the hotel lobby. The organizers have gotten us a small room in the hotel and now we're slowly moving there.

Yesterday I fixed a few issues with Test::Class::Moose and also uploaded a new version of DBIx::Class::EasyFixture, one which allows developers to disable the transactions, if they prefer.

In other news: Test::Class::Moose is NOT for testing Moose-based code: it's for testing. If you code uses Moose, great. If not, great. The name "Moose" is in there simply because it's Moose-based. I realize, in retrospect, that this was a mistake: I shouldn't have coupled the name with the implementation. That being said, there are worse things I could have called it.

Also, no, there will probably not be a Test::Class::Moo (at least, not written by me). This isn't because I object to Moo, but because Test::Class::Moose uses meta-programming internally, including method modifiers to add plans for those who use the Test and Tests attributes. Much of my use of meta-programming could be done with Moo and walking symbol tables, or using Class::Inspector, so if you want to take a crack at it, go ahead!

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