Veure Update: Missions

Just a quick update for those who are following the progress of Veure. Here's the current character stats page.

That's just a hint of some of what's new.

I've done quite a bit of work revamping the inventory system as a necessary precursor to the mission system. I've also implemented NPCs. We've also hired a great developer, Yaroslav Polyakov to work part-time on Veure. Here's some of his initial work prototyping the "cockpit".

(Note: the page isn't actually smaller. I just widened my browser so you could see the cockpit background)

That "mini-map" of the larger 3-D rotating star map is lovely. It only shows the stars that you have the navigation skill to get to. You can click on a star to navigate directly to it.

The reputation system is now in place and mission lines are going to be differentiated by reputation. If you want to take some upper-level missions for independents, you'll have to gain enough reputation to earn their trust. Of course, that might hurt your reputation with others ...

And as luck would have it, we have a good friend here in La Rochelle who loves science fiction, gaming, and also has a bit of a writing background. We're going to be working with her to flesh out NPCs and missions. I've already started to integrate the procedural mission generation into the game, but only as a "suggestion" and quests will still be hard-coded (maybe we'll auto-generate on the fly later, but for now, it's always "the simplest thing that can possibly work").

Naturally, every two steps forward puts us one step back, but we're getting closer all the time.

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