The Veure MMORPG Saga Continues

I'm doing heater runs in Taungoo Station when someone tells me about a problem in Nouveau Limoges, another station in the Sol System. I mosey on down to the port, hop in Serenity, my corvette class spaceship (with some "quiet" modifications), and launch. Serenity's an older ship and she higher maintenance than I would like, but she keeps flying and that's good enough for me.

A little over 7 segments later (a long, boring flight), I arrive at Nouveau Limoges. And that's when the trouble kicks in. You see, I'm a Consortium citizen, but Nouveau Limoges is a Gaul station and I forgot to renew my visa. Immigration computers notice my status and I get auto-deported back to the station I came from: except I am still on Serenity and she doesn't have enough anti-matter reserves to make the flight back. An HTTP redirect loop ensues and ...

I found that bug hilarious and it will be fun to resolve. Sadly, it probably won't be me who fixes it, even though I want to dig in.

I haven't talked about Veure in a while, but we're still hard at work and quite a few people are hacking on the game.

We're still planning on an invite-only alpha in the first quarter of 2016. Current plans for that are to only have the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems available while we shake out the issues (like the one I described above).

Writing an MMORPG is unlike anything I've ever done before. However, I'm not doing much writing on it lately due to client work, but we have others working on it and they're doing an awesome job. I'm looking forward to sharing screenshots in the future.

We'll be starting an official game blog soon and I'll post about it here.

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Just stumbled upon this while looking for reviews on your book. It sounds really awesome! I'm a young dude, but really appreciate text games and have always wanted a SciFi equivalent to the fantasy text MMORPG's. Do you have a rough launch date (~2016) and will the user have some sort of perl API like you can do stuff in WoW with Lua?

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