I hope to see you at FOSDEM in Brussels

I've been rather quiet lately because between building Tau Station and working with some clients, I'm running around faster than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I'll be in Brussels for the February 4/5 2017, FOSDEM, talking about Building the Tau Station Universe in Perl. I was planning on giving a talk about testing, but I was specifically asked if I'd talk about Tau Station. While I love the project, I tried to think of a way it wouldn't sound like a 40 minute infomercial at an open source conference.

Woman relaxing in a high-tech hotel room in a space station.
Relaxing in a high-tech hotel room in a space station.

I'm pretty sure I've succeeded and I have to say, I think people are going to be really impressed with some of the code examples. In fact, it's gotten me to the point where I'm having more serious doubts about how object-oriented programming is currently taught. For example, what does the single responsibility principle mean for a combat suit that can pass the Turing test? It serves as armor, and might serve as a weapon, and might serve as a medkit, and even give the soldier a pep-talk.

Single-responsibility my ass.

The Tau Station talk will show a very simple way out of that conundrum.

We have an awesome team working on Tau Station. We've used the same hiring strategy that we use hiring for our clients at All Around the World and it's paid off in spades. You'll be impressed with their work. Fortunately, since this is FOSDEM, even if you can't make it to Brussels, the video will later be online for free and I'll post a link for you.

Hope to see you there!

Update: Once again I have had to close comments due to massive amounts of spam I have to clean out every day.

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