The Tau Station Kickstarter has gone live! (Oops)

Not words you want to hear late at night before you're going to bed: "we accidentally launched our Kickstarter."

That's right, the Tau Station MMORPG Kickstarter is live and we didn't mean to. However, apparently Kickstarter doesn't allow you to "unlaunch" a campaign.

It may not have been our launch window, but we're owning this.

A man in a strange, orange hazmat suit stands there with a security droid floating over his right shoulder.

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Tau Station is the world's first Biblio-RPG. It's a massive, immersive, narrative sci-fi MMO. Missions in most games are things like "kill five rabid dogs and get a dagger." BORING. Our missions are rich, immersive, short stories where you control the outcome.

It's 400,000 plus lines of Perl, with a PostgreSQL backend.

If you want more technical information, here's a presentation I gave in Amsterdam a couple of years ago.

If you want people to see the awesome things Perl can do, please support us. Even if you don't donate, share the kickstarter link.

Or play the game. It's free and plays in any browser (even mobile ones). It also works with screen readers and other assistive devices.

I love the universe of Tau Station. The stories are great and our narrative designers have blown me away. Our players are pretty awesome too. They've already built:

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