Introducing MooseX::Extended

MooseX::Extended is coming along well and is ready for testing. See Introducing MooseX::Extended for a decent introduction on how to make writing your Moose code safer and easier.


The param/field split needs an actual justification documented yet.

While there is value in documenting to a user of the class which ones are intended to be provided in the constructor in normal usage, there is often massive value to being able to provide attributes in the constructor that normally would not need to, particularly when writing tests.

Having a class that outright blocks me from throwing things at the constructor so far looks merely like taking documentation farther than informative, without gaining anything ... at least nothing that the text describes.

That didn't quite seem to answer what i asked. Specifically "param/field prevents poor software" is not a concrete gained feature that i can understand as is. I've also reached out to mst to see if he can maybe explain the question better.

Regarding rw/ro/bare ... that part i do agree with and in fact, already wrote a solution to that covers both Moo and Moose (being that Moo auto-upgrades to Moose if loaded):

(In fact, between the features provided by Moo, and what Mu adds on top, i'm not even sure what significant differences M::E has to Mu beyond param/field.)

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