My YAPC::Asia photo gallery

"There is more than one way to enjoy it" is a slogan of YAPC::ASIA 2014. This is also another way that you can enjoy my story from photo on My Photo Gallery

A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA

As I'm an awardee from the Sand-A-Newbie program to attend YAPC::ASIA in Tokyo, Japan. This is my blog about what I have got so far and would like to share:

A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA

Hope you enjoy it ! :)

A month of my work on MetaCPAN report.

I just updated my blog about my work on MetaCPAN as I have been working on The Outreach Program for Women for fully a month. Here : My blog 1 meet up short summary and pictures. 1 meet up is now ended. I posted short summary and pictures on: