Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon)

Last night over dinner I had a discussion with Miyagawa about what Devel::Cover could steal from Ruby. He mentioned a Ruby backend which uses Vim signs to show coverage information.

So today I shamelessly stole it and produced a basic version for Devel::Cover.

Devel::Cover has more coverage criteria, so extra work will be required to provide this information, but the report seems useful for now. To use it run

$ cover -report vim

and then in vim:

:so cover_db/coverage.vim

I'd be happy to get bug reports, feature requests, patches or even pull requests against the repository. And if anyone would like to take this idea and produce a backend for emacs or any other editor, please do so.

This has just been released in Devel::Cover 0.84. This is the second Devel::Cover release I have made at the QA hackathon in Paris this weekend. Many, many thanks to all the organisers, sponsors and participants.


Devel::Cover is awesome. I've been seeing the work you've done on it lately, modernizing it and adding features. It's great.

Thank you for doing all of this! :)

It's awesome!

One thing is that only shows the signs on the files in blib/lib for me. Was that the intention or am I doing something wrong?

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