Working on getting the Perl 6 setting to compile.

Currently rakudo.js is at the point where:
node rakudo.js --setting=NULL -e 'use nqp; nqp::say "Hello World"'
works but node rakudo.js -e 'say "Hello World"' doesn't.

What's needed for the later is to get rakudo.js (Rakudo compiled to JavaScript) to compile the setting

The general work-flow for that is:

  1. Try to compile the setting with rakudo.js.

  2. While rakudo.js is compiling some error appears.

  3. I then figure out wheter it's a result of a missing feature or some bug in the js backend.

  4. I implement the feature and write tests for it or fix the bug.

  5. I then repeat the process.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Until the setting compiles Rakudo.js is not yet usable by users.
Even getting something very simple like say "Hello World" requires a fair chunk of the setting to work.

The rakudo specific work is done in the js branch of rakudo
Most of the work on the backend itself is done in the master branch in the nqp repo.

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How do you build? I was going to do the above from your latest branch just to experiment a bit.

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