Rakudo.js update - builds sanely and passes some spec tests

Rakudo.js now should build in much more sane manner and passes some tests.

In directory containing a checkout of the js branch of rakudo

Once you grab a node.js (tested with 7.10.0)

$ git clone https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo.git rakudo-js-fresh
$ git checkout js
$ cd rakudo-js-fresh
$ perl Configure.pl --backends=moar,js --gen-nqp --gen-moar
$ make js-all
$ ./perl6-js -e 'say(123)'
$ make js-spectest

Rakudo.js now passes some tests https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/js/t/spectest.js.data .
The remaining majority tests are stopped from passing mostly rampant bugs and a few missing bits.
OTOH some of the more advanced features like precompilation/junctions/multi methods (including callsame) work showing that once the building blocks work we can reuse the ton of good work put into Rakudo itself.

The Rakudo js has been recently update so it's now tracking nom clearly.
nqp.js is now using the new buffer IO and character based IO ops have been removed.

On the positive side our custom C++ synchronous extension that allowed piping to a spawned process has been deleted as it was a quick and dirty hack and the way node.js extensions are done is being currently reworked.

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It works!!! Thank you for all your work on this! Hopefully in the next few months we can get more eyeballs and contributions now that this is closer to bootstrapped.

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