Rakudo.js update - passes 56%+ of roast tests

Rakudo.js now passes roughly of 56%+ roast test files.
I'm currently working on fixing up the remaining ones.
Getting some of them to work is requiring fairly deep changes.
For example native values need to be passed specially and maybe boxed in the called sub/method rather than boxed on the side of the callers. As that causes wide spread changes it can cause some rather annoying debugging when something is not exactly right and compiling the setting explodes :)
I had a talk at TPC::EU (link to slides).
As part of an electron+react demo for the talk I started working on a JSX slang for Perl 6 (https://github.com/pmurias/p6-jsx/blob/master/01-basic.t).
BTW. slangs already work on rakudo.js :)
In other news the --source-map option in rakudo.js and nqp.js now puts in line and file numbers in our backtraces.

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